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WE themed design
Feel the spirit of WE with you whenever you game! Styled in the signature team World Elite’s color themes with a distinct design, the IP1-WE will instantly make a difference to your setup.
Rubberized base
The base of the entire mousepad is rubberized to root the mousepad to the surface of the desk. This prevents any unnecessary mousepad movements during intense gaming sessions, which could be disastrous to the outcome of your game.
Consistent gliding surface
The surface was engineered for a controlled, consistent glide over the entirety of the mousepad’s surface, ensuring ideal balance between speed & control.
The surface of the cloth mousepad is optimized for all laser and optical mice on the market.
Highly portable, durable build
As a cloth-based pad, it can be easily rolled and is extremely portable to any LAN parties or tournaments. Rolled up mousepads will always retain the same flatness when placed on a desktop surface for use.


  • Material: Fabric + Natural rubber
  • Dimension: 345 X 240 X 4 mm