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The M09 is designed to be ergonomically suitable for long hours of play without fatiguing the hands, with a rubberized surface for better grip even for sweaty hands. Never lose your grip again in intense games!
The optical sensor of the M09 has been painstakingly co-developed with professional gamers. With the HD optical precision tracking technology, the M09 can be used on virtually any surface, performing its best consistently with precise movements and on-point tracking.
DPI (Dots per Inch) determines the distance in pixels on your screen when you move a certain distance on the mouse – in short, higher DPI means faster movements. 3-stage on-the-fly polling rate switcher and DPI switcher, for further customization tailored to the gamer's personal preference

In contrast to the matte black finishing, the distinct green glowing LED backlights provide a touch of personality to the M09 - a signature of the Rock Series gaming equipment.

Side buttons
Standard side buttons are also useful for additional in-game control on your right hand, and is a crucial part of the web browsing experience (Back and Forward button).
Braided cables
The M09 is equipped with anti-tangling braided cables,
providing gamers a relief from their cable tangling issues
along with the premium texture.


  • USB Interface
  • Adjustable Resolution: 500 / 1000/ 1750 DPI
  • Adjustable Report Rate: 125 / 500 / 1000Hz
  • Dimension: 117(Length) x 66.5 (Width) x 41.5 (Height) mm
  • Cable Length: 180 cm

In my honest opinion, if you are looking for a value oriented mouse and don't fancy any of the software functionality that other name brands provide, the M09 presents itself as a pretty good pick for you. The mouse is also a pretty good pick-up for those who are picking out their first gaming mouse, as it will quickly introduce you to the world of gaming peripherals, especially its keyword, "Quality".

An absolute bargain!