2024/01/25 iRocks Debuts T27 Series Ergonomic Chairs


Today, iRocks unveils the all-new generation T27 Series ergonomic chairs, combining innovative technology with ergonomic design to create a personalized sitting posture and an incredibly comfortable experience for avid gamers and long-hour PC users.


High-Density Cloudmarble Mesh Fabric

Both the chair back and seat cushion adopt high-density Cloudmarble mesh fabric made in Taiwan, providing excellent elasticity and support. Offering users a sturdy yet light and breathable sitting experience.



Enlarged and Widened Seat Cushion

Enhancing the sitting experience with an enlarged and widened seat cushion, paired with high-density woven mesh fabric, ensuring an ultimate comfort even during extended periods of sitting.



Multi-functional Adjustable Chair Back

The chair back features height adjustment and adjustable lumbar support. Equipped with a clothes hanger, providing consumers with more personalized options to meet various needs conveniently.



Aluminum Alloy Chair Back Frame

With reclining and locking functions, T27 / T27S provide more sitting posture options, ensuring users maintain a good posture during extended usage.



4D Adjustable Large Headrest

Multi-angle adjustments to ensure optimal head support and alleviate pressure on the cervical spine.


Premium Metallic Chair Base

The chair base is crafted from high-quality metal, boasting outstanding durability and stability, providing users with a reliable foundational support.



Moveable Four-Way Armrests

Featuring a more robust locking function, ensuring that the armrests stay securely in the desired position after adjustment.



Aluminum Alloy Folding Leg Rest (T27S)

The aluminum alloy texture and high-strength support allow for folding and storage, providing a place for a quick nap and relieving pressure on the legs, with a weight capacity of 25 kg.



The comprehensive function sets of the T27 / T27S ergonomic chair will bring users an unprecedented comfort, becoming the new favorite in gaming and office spaces. Whether seeking an ultimate gaming experience or for long hours of professional work, T27S is the ideal choice for seating.


Currently T27/T27S is now available for purchase in Taiwan. Visit product page for more information.


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